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  • Defaults to HTTPS now for all pages.
  • Added support for importing a Youtube playlist, just paste the url into the add video box and click add. (You need to be either a mod or admin in the room to use this, this is to limit spam when the room is in open mode)
  • Added a feature tour to rooms to help explain and show off some of the less obvious features.
    Click the ? in the top right to start it.
  • Videos are now checked to see if they are still available when played, if they are not then they will be skipped.
    Hopefully this doesn't cause much issues with geoblocked crap if it does I'll have a fun time ahead.
    Results are cached for an hour to reduce api limits.
  • Updated to the new Youtube API.
  • Updated to the new Vimeo Player API.
  • Added a local login option, Persona is still the preferred method for login.
  • Fixed up a small issue with registering new rooms
  • Added playlists to rooms, each room can have a max of 5 playlists.
Some small fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where if a user wasn't logged in all messages in chat would be highlighted.
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't play the last video in a playlist.
A small update with some nice features for the chat:
  • Added a sound alert for chat messages when the window doesn't have focus.
    You can enable or disable this on your profile page.
  • Added chat highlights when your username is mentioned.
  • Added simple chat history so you won't lose track of what has been said if you refresh the page.
    Only the last 10 messages are stored in memory and will not persist in the case of a server restart.
    Apart from this no chat logs are kept.
P.S The date is a lie, this update is going live on the 9th as well!
Got a few nice things added now as well as some tidy ups on the back end that will make updating much easier in the future!

Here is the low down:
  • Added a shuffle play mode.
    Use the icon on the playlist header to toggle this on or off.
  • Added timestamps to the chat messages.
    Hover over the senders name to see.
  • Server will broadcast to all rooms when the server is shutting down or restarting now.
  • Some other small tune ups that I have forgotten already.
Opened the site up for people to use :>