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-[   About   ]-
-[   General   ]-
-> Are these questions really asked often?
-> Are they ever asked at all?
Ah, well no. At least not yet. Maybe never because the answers are right here!
Ah ha thinking ahead!
-> What is NyaaSync?
NyaaSync is a clone of the dead (sadly) SyncTube.
It lets you watch synchronised videos with other people in rooms. users are free to create their own rooms and add the video content that they wish :>
-> Why?
Because it is fun to be able to watch videos in sync with your friends!
As for why I made this site, fun. I wanted to have a go at creating a nice web app and I hope that this is it.
-> Do you enjoy writing this about section?
No. :<
-> if you don't enjoy it then why do you keep adding more?
I, I don't know.
-[   Rooms   ]-
-> How do I register a room?
Either go to your profile and create a room from there or simple navigate to /room/YOURROOMNAME
If you navigate to the room via a url you will nee to type /reg into the chat to register it to you.
You can only register a room if it is not already taken and you are the first to join it.
-> Can I have more than one room?
At the moment no, this may change in the future.
You can however create a temporary room by just navigating to it, temporary room are delete when everyone leaves.
-> What is the difference between an admin and a mod?
A mod can control the player, playlist and ban unban users.
An admin can do all of that as well as changing the room settings and modding other users.
-> What html tags can I use in the room about section?
You can use the following:
h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, blockquote, p, a, ul, ol, nl, li, b, i, strong, em, strike, code, hr, br, div, table, thead, caption, tbody, tr, th, td, pre, img, center, font
The follow attributes are allowed for each tag:
a [ href, name, target ]
img [ src, width, 'height ]
font [ color ]
Any other tags will be striped out!
Should be nicer to use then markdown :p
-[   Profile / Registration   ]-
-> What is Persona?
Mozllla Persona (not the other kind) is a login system By Mozilla (the Firefox guys)
It handles the user authentication securely. For me this is great because I don't have to worry about storing your passwords and great for you too because I don't get your password :D
All I get from them is your email and a confirmation that you are who you say you are.
-> Is their any other way to login?
You can create a local account instead (or both). Just click the register button.
-> What information do you store about me?
All I store is your email as a means of identifying you, the username you picked and your avatar that you set. If you use a local login then the hash of your password as well.
-> Can I change my username?
Not yet but I plan to add that later!
-[   Bugs, Issues and Feedback   ]-
-> Where can I submit bugs?
You can submit them here
-> is there a changelog?